Online Applications for Over 30 Scholarship Opportunities Now Open on Website

The Community Foundation of the North State manages many scholarship funds that are awarded to graduating high school seniors, as well as students already in an undergraduate program, or working to obtain a technical certificate in an accredited program. Some scholarships were started by families or individuals; others by businesses or organizations. All share one important focus: helping people reach their educational and career goals. The Community Foundation is pleased to announce that their online scholarship application platform is now open and available on their website. Online applications allow students to apply for a host of scholarships from all participating funds. “Our goal is to make the process more efficient for the students and increase their access to funds available for college and technical programs,” states Miriam Leal, Program Associate at the Community Foundation.

Students are invited to browse through the multiple opportunities and apply for scholarships for which they are eligible. As noted in the 2020 Scholarship Report, an award recipient wrote, “I promise you that I will work incredibly hard in college, and hopefully, I can give back to my community just as you have given to me.” Scholarship descriptions and eligibility criteria can be accessed through the Community Foundation website at

Submit all applications online by Wednesday, March 10, 2021, unless otherwise noted on the application.

For further information, contact: Miriam Leal, Program Associate by phone at 530-244-1219, or via email at