The Women’s Fund Grant Awards Total $37,500 for Nonprofits

The Women’s Fund, under the Community Foundation of the North State, has awarded a total of $37,500 to four local organizations focusing on some of the most vulnerable populations of women in our community.

This competitive opportunity is open annually to nonprofit organizations and public agencies who address the challenges facing women and their families in the Redding area. The Women’s Fund is part of a global organization of Women’s Funds focusing on collaborative philanthropy.

“Despite the fact that we’re in the midst of the pandemic, our community’s needs haven’t lessened, and are perhaps even greater than before,” said Women’s Fund Chair Natalia Garvey. “This past year we witnessed the resiliency of our local nonprofit agencies, and The Women’s Fund is so proud to have been able to grant $37,500 to four of these deserving organizations to help address the critical needs of women and their families in the Redding area. This ability to combine our charitable dollars is one of the most wonderful things about The Women’s Fund—it provides supporters from all walks of life the chance to participate in big philanthropy, making positive impact together in our community.”

For more information about this and other competitive grant opportunities managed by the Community Foundation, contact Megan Conn, Program Officer or visit