Burney Regional Community Fund

Established by the Pattern Energy Group LP, this fund supports nonprofit organizations and public agencies in the Greater Burney Region.

Pattern Energy Group LLC, the energy company responsible for the Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm, invested $5 million in the Burney Region which includes the founding gift of $500,000 to the Burney Regional Community Fund. Pattern wished to address the needs within the communities of the Greater Burney Region, and to build a community of philanthropists in the region now and forever. Grants from this fund are awarded to nonprofit organizations through an annual competitive review process; a local grant panel evaluates and then recommends specific projects for funding.

Grantmaking History

2023 Grant Awards

2022 Grant Awards

2021 Grant Awards

2020 Grant Awards

Deadline: The Spring 2023 deadline has passed. Sign up for our e-newsletter on our homepage to be notified of future spring grant opportunities, likely to open January 2024.