Community Foundation Awards $25,000 in Animal Welfare Grants

The Community Foundation of the North State has awarded a total of $25,000 to 10 North State organizations who work to support the welfare of animals.

This competitive opportunity is open to nonprofit organizations and public agencies who provide the following services: supporting homeless animals, supporting owned pets (keeping pets in homes), supporting wildlife, supporting organizationally owned working animals that provide services to residents, and disaster preparedness for animals.

Many shelters across the North State are currently facing overcrowding and are working hard to create accessible paths for adoption just before the holidays.

Awards were granted to the following organizations:

Haven Humane Society

Siskiyou Humane Society

Tehama County Animal Services

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Spay and Neuter Intermountain Pets & Pet Placement

Exodus Farms Ministry

Siskiyou SNIP

Carrying Heroes

Rescue Ranch Inc.

Stable Hands

“We are delighted this year to be able to offer grants for general operating support, to help strengthen our region’s nonprofits as they work to care for homeless and owned pets, wildlife, and working animals,” said Megan Conn, Program Officer for the Community Foundation. “These grants provide flexible dollars to support the welfare of animals, allowing nonprofits to choose to spend the funds where needed most, whether it’s staffing, supplies, utilities, or programs. You can help animals by fostering or adopting a homeless pet, volunteering for a local nonprofit, or giving to the Animal Welfare Fund on North State Giving Tuesday.”