Seven North State Funders contribute to Keeping Tri County Community Network Open

Thanks to funding commitments from seven North State entities, the doors are staying open at Tri County Community Network (TCCN) serving the Intermountain area. The Burney-based nonprofit posted a message on their Facebook page on August 31st announcing an impending closure scheduled for September 8th. TCCN, which provides affordable childcare for working families, attributed the closure to lack of funds.

Upon hearing the news, the Community Foundation of the North State was able to gather support from The McConnell Foundation, the United Way of Northern California, the Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Foundation, Sierra Pacific Industries, ConnectGen, the PG&E Community Fund, and the Burney Regional Community Fund Endowment, which collectively committed $60,000 to TCCN.

“When we called parents today and told them the good news, they were overjoyed,” said Marissa Martin, a member of the TCCN board. “Many were so thankful because they didn’t know where their children were going to go on Monday when they had to go to work.”

“The funds donated will be used to continue the general operations of our building, keep the children’s program operational, and continue our Bright Futures program,” she said. “This support allows TCCN to have time to plan and implement strategies that will allow us to continue serving our community for decades to come.”

The Tri County Community Network was established in 1991. It started as a teen center and after-school program, which soon expanded to include a preschool program, summer program, parenting program, work success program, mental health support program, and site for various community meetings and events.

Recent funding donations were contributed by:

The McConnell Foundation – $5,000

United Way of Northern California – $5,000

PG&E Community Fund of the Community Foundation of the North State – $5,000

Sierra Pacific Industries – $5,000

The Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Foundation – $5,000

ConnectGen – $10,000

Burney Regional Community Fund Endowment of the Community Foundation of the North State – $25,000

“We are happy to be able to step up and support this organization in their time of need,” said Kerry Caranci, Chief Executive Officer at the Community Foundation. “We appreciate our partners in collective giving helping TCCN get to a place where they can continue to provide vital services for the people of the Intermountain area.”