Reach Higher Scholarship Fund

A Shasta County high school FRESHMAN opportunity with a renewable option.

From their freshman to senior year, the Reach Higher Scholarship Fund, offers $250 that may be renewed by the awarded student for a total scholarship of up to $1,000 at the end of four years. This scholarship aims to reward and motivate students EARLY in their high school careers and build a sense of hope for the pursuit of higher education. Annually, ten high school freshmen will be awarded $250 – funds will be held for final scholarship distribution when the awarded student successfully enrolls in a university. The mission of the Reach Higher Scholarship Fund is to make a difference in the community, as well as in individual students’ lives, by focusing upon Shasta County students who are statistically unlikely to pursue a university education; ultimately increasing the percentage of our local high school graduates who pursue a university education. 

Deadline: Closed

Open Application Season: February – March annually

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Freshman at a Shasta County high school
  • Neither parent has a Bachelor’s degree
  • Qualify for the “free and reduced lunch program” at school
  • Committed to completing all A-G (college prep) requirements by end of senior year with a minimum average GPA of 3.0
  • Student plans to ultimately earn a Bachelor’s degree (may start at a community college or a four-year university)
  • Minimum age requirement to apply is 14 years of age. Please contact the Community Foundation directly if you have questions regarding this requirement.