Grant Awards Announced for Burney Regional Community Fund

The Community Foundation of the North State is pleased to announce that the Burney Regional Community Fund has awarded five grants totaling $25,660 to deserving organizations in the Intermountain area.

• $6,615 to Burney Fire District to purchase firefighting personal protective equipment
• $1,300 to Hat Creek Volunteer Fire Department to purchase all-terrain litter wheel & double rope pulley for rescue operations
• $7,500 to Spay & Neuter Intermountain Pets & Placement (SNIPPP) to provide low-cost and/or free spay-neuter vouchers for dogs and cats
• $4,000 to Tri-County Community Network to support 2021 KidFit program
• $6,245 to Mayers Healthcare Foundation to purchase a cross trainer machine for skilled nursing facility residents

“Beyond the charitable investment in the region, what I really appreciate about this year’s grants is that the services and programs funded in this round really alleviates financial burdens these organizations may be experiencing as a result of the pandemic. These organizations are providing critical services to residents in the Intermountain region and we’re thrilled to support them in their work,” says Megan Conn, Program Officer at the Community Foundation.

Established at the Community Foundation in 2007, the Burney Regional Community Fund addresses the needs of the Greater Burney Region – Burney, Cassel, Fall River Mills, Hat Creek, McArthur, and Old Station. Grants from the Fund are awarded to nonprofit organizations and public entities through a competitive process, providing financial resources to organizations and programs based on specific criteria established by local community leaders. Local community members from the service area volunteer to aid in the review process and make recommendations.

The grant cycle is announced each January with applications typically due in March and awards shared by the end of May. The cumulative total dispersed from the Burney Regional Community Fund since inception is nearly $450,000. A listing of all grants awarded can be found at

For more information about this and other grant programs managed by the Community Foundation, contact Megan Conn, Program Officer or visit