2020 Burney Regional Community Fund Grant Awards Total $33,000

Established at the Shasta Regional Community Foundation in 2007, the Burney Regional Community Fund addresses the needs of the Greater Burney Region – Burney, Cassel, Fall River Mills, Hat Creek, McArthur, and Old Station. Grants from the Fund are awarded to nonprofit organizations and public entities through a competitive process, providing financial resources to organizations and programs based on specific criteria established by local community leaders. Local community members from the service area volunteer to aid in the review process and make recommendations.

Awards totaling $33,000 were recently announced for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. One such award is to Mayers Intermountain Healthcare Foundation for the purchase of air-purifying equipment to prevent the spread of airborne illness at the Burney Annex. Within their application, staff of Mayers explained, “This system is specifically designed to tackle complex viruses such as COVID-19 and contributes to an overall healthier indoor environment and better sleep.” Kerry Caranci, Chief Executive Officer of Shasta Regional Community Foundation, says, “We are honored to play such an important role in supporting the communities of the Intermountain region. The grant to support the purchase of air-purifying equipment at Burney Annex is a perfect example of how philanthropy can serve the community in the most critical of times.” For a detailed list of recent awards CLICK HERE.
The grant cycle is announced each January with applications typically due in March and awards shared by the end of May. The cumulative total dispersed from the Burney Regional Community Fund since inception is now over $400,000. A listing of all grants awarded can be found at www.shastarcf.org/grants.

Shasta Regional Community Foundation is pleased to offer services that assist both the donor and the Burney Region by making grants to address immediate needs and to ensure thoughtful stewardship with an endowment fund for the benefit of the community in perpetuity. Visit the website at www.shastarcf.org where updates on grant workshops and grant cycles in the Burney region are posted. For more information, contact Program Officer, Megan Conn at 530-244-1219 or email megan@shastarcf.org.

About Shasta Regional Community Foundation
Shasta Regional Community Foundation impacts the region through the power of giving. Since 2000, the Community Foundation has awarded over $33 million in grants, made possible by the generosity of their fund holders and professional fund management practices. For more information, call Shasta Regional Community Foundation at (530) 244-1219.