Josephine Taylor Endowment Fund

Josephine Taylor

The Josephine Taylor Fund was established to continue the purposes for which the Josephine Taylor Foundation was established. The Josephine Taylor Foundation was established to explore practices of maintaining physical, spiritual, and emotional health and well-being through the balance of body energy fields and corrective physical practices.

Born in 1887, Josephine Taylor was a hard working mother of two who found fulfillment in life by helping others connect withtheir inner higher power. As a single mother Josephine opened her own employment agency in the Bay Area and used the building to teach a small group of spiritual seekers about personal growth and enlightenment. She wrote several books throughout her lifetime on spiritual subjects. At age 86, she moved to Mount Shasta and opened her home to individuals and groups who sought a deeper spiritual understanding. She passed on in 1995 at age 108.

Those who remember Josephine recall that she was a “great leader and teacher” who “very easily demonstrated unconditional love,” and that she was a “beautiful, loving and highly evolved woman who was definitely ahead of her time.”

A private foundation was established in 1989 to honor Josephine and the goals to which her life was dedicated. The Foundation’s purpose was to promote health and wellbeing through supporting the study of subtle energies and supporting individual spiritual growth.

In 2006 the advisors of the Josephine Taylor Foundation made the decision to transfer the assets of the foundation to a donor advised fund at the Community Foundation. The donor advised fund provided an easy way for the advisors to stay involved in the grantmaking and leave the administration, legal and tax-related responsibilities up to the Community Foundation.

Since becoming a fund of the Community Foundation, the Josephine Taylor Fund has awarded $28,500 in grants to organizations like the Mt. Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, the Siskiyou Humane Society, Stable Hands and other Siskiyou county organizations. The advisors of the fund anticipate many more grants to support their community in the years to come.

“We are particularly grateful to the Josephine Taylor Fund for funding our Panther Meadows Sustainability and Visitor Education Project, which has made an important contribution to the preservation and restoration of this sacred site. Funding the Meadow Monitor position has helped educate the public about the spiritual and natural values of the Meadows and of Mount Shasta. This is bringing about a balance between human use and the preservation of a delicate ecosystem and its significance as a sacred sanctuary to Native American culture and to visitors from all over the world,” said Michelle Berditschevsky, Director Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center.

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