ACEs Resilience and Hope Fund of Shasta County

Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency – Public Health Branch, First 5 Shasta, and Community Foundation of the North State have partnered to establish the ACEs Resilience & Hope Fund of Shasta County to support organizations working to improve the health of children and their families by preventing or mitigating Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

ACEs are an accumulation of 10 childhood traumatic experiences and associated toxic stress that is strongly associated with brain and neurosystem changes during childhood development. ACEs include experiences such as abuse, neglect, and household instability before the age of 18. ACE scores of four+ are correlated to poor physical and mental health outcomes and challenging social conditions such as high rates of homelessness, harmful substance use, and incarceration. Shasta County’s ACE scores are double the state average; nearly 40% of the adults surveyed in Shasta County report four+ ACEs.

Preventing and reducing the impact of ACEs has long-lasting health and economic benefits to individuals, families, and communities. This grant program promotes preventative and innovative strategies to improve health by addressing one or more of the 10 ACEs for a more resilient and hopeful Shasta County community.


Grantmaking History:

2022 ACEs Grant Awards

2021 ACEs Grant Awards

2020 ACEs Grant Awards

Deadline: Weds. February 22nd, 2023 at 5:00 pm